Website design

Creating a business website is an important part of your online presence. A website provides your business an identity, branding and a tool to communicate with your customers.

It is a tool to sell products, services and distribute information worldwide.

When you contact us to discuss your needs we will take you through a simple journey and ask you some questions like:

  • Can you give our team some background about yourself?
  • Where and how did the idea start?
  • What will your website be used for?
  • What do you want potential customers to do on your site?
  • Do you know what questions they will have?
  • How much information do you already have to put on your site?
  • Do you want this website to generate income?
  • Do you want this website to generate you leads/appointments with new customers?

We can then help you understand how to design your new website because good design is about the visual and the user interaction.


Some of our clients like to know how many pages they can have and where we place the navigation menu. Others are more interested in the fact that it can be adapted to be used on different devices, mobile, tablet and large monitors in commercial settings.

Where we start

We ask you to provide us details of what you like, such as;

  • colours,
  • logos,
  • images you have used in your business communications to clients, newsletters or post on social media.

Our designers will then create a first design of a landing page and a few other pages of your website to give you a feel for what we can do for you.

And now we listen…because you can have the best designer in the world (Shane Mielke) however there is always something different that a client wants. Let’s face it we are not Shane and we can’t  say “are you crazy you want what!!!”

What we can do, is deliver you a great looking website that will impress.

Our Benefit To You

Industries we have experience in

With project management being core to the success of any project, Go Live’s project management team consists of Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Project Coordinators.

Our team have attained industry-recognised credentials and memberships from the AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management), PRINCE2 (OGC), MSP (OGC) and PMI (Project Management Institute). This demonstrates our highly competent delivery skills.


Programme and Project Management is a key component for delivering successful outcomes, which is why Go Live uses best practice program and project management standards to deliver our solutions to customers. Our delivery capabilities are underpinned by:

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