Digital Transformation

We are in an unprecedented era of technology-enabled innovation, where the pace of digital transformation is creating significant opportunities in every marketplace.

We bring together startup thinking and agile methods to help established companies and the public sector increase their customer value, drive operational effectiveness and thrive in an evolving world. The key reason why so many organisations struggle in implementing a successful strategy is that they add digital technology without transforming their thinking and without connecting everything (people, processes, IP/intellectual property, systems, insights, etc.) to become truly digital inside and out.


Our digital transformation consulting practice provides a mix of digital and industry experience to help our clients create exceptional experiences using automation, analytics, and AI. Let our digital transformation consultants partner with you to solve problems at speed and at scale.

Figure 1. Seven driversof digital opportunity         Digital Transformation delivering on the promise by Michael Gale & Chris Aarons

Types of customers

It can be difficult to understand when you need help with a problem or research an opportunity. In the day to day world you live in, there are many tasks that do not get finished as quickly as you expected or wished for. There are the all too common distractions of:

Our customers have these challenges and more. This is where we can help you to understand what you are trying to achieve and recommend a starting point.

Industries we have experience in

With project management being core to the success of any project, Go Live’s project management team consists of Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Project Coordinators.

Our team have attained industry-recognised credentials and memberships from the AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management), PRINCE2 (OGC), MSP (OGC) and PMI (Project Management Institute). This demonstrates our highly competent delivery skills.


Programme and Project Management is a key component for delivering successful outcomes, which is why Go Live uses best practice program and project management standards to deliver our solutions to customers. Our delivery capabilities are underpinned by:

GO LIVE Consultants