Project Management Office

A PMO can be a good strategic investment for a medium to large organisation if the purpose is understood by all. It’s main role is to provide a standard set of procedures, policies, training in project methodologies and tools to the discipline of managing projects. The target of any organisation should be to know the value this group can provide to Executive Management, stakeholders, customers and even shareholders. Many folk think they are simply the custodians of best practices, project status reports and personal assistants to project managers. If you need personnel to build your PMO contact us and we can help you.



Types Of Roles

A PMO can play many roles within an organisation, the commonly known ones are:

Directive PMO

Projects are directly managed by the PMO. Project managers are assigned by and report to it. It is responsible for the results of those projects. It has a High level or full control over projects

Controlling PMO

Controlling PMO’s check whether the processes, tools, and standards are being applied or not. Corrective actions are taken in case of problem in application or efficiency of processes, tools, and standards.

Supportive PMO

Does not manage or control the project. Provides assistance, support, tools, templates and guidelines. Provides status reporting. Has a consultative role

According to the “Success in Disruptive Times” report from the graph shows the types of roles that PMO’s fulfill globally. It is important to note that each organisation requires different functions and each PMO structure can be tailored.

Industries we have experience in

Types of customers

Business projects include Enterprise Mobility growth program to deliver new services to enterprise customers such as IoT, BYOD, Connected Vehicle solutions & telematics, Unified Communications, cloud platforms, security.

Data Collection System to provide a new modern, efficient and flexible solution for all industry stakeholders.

Business process innovation to review the different services provided to clients and how to do this more effectively and economically given changes in technology, shipping and international laws.

Consumer banking, integrated payments, point of sale, risk and compliance management and AML .

With project management being core to the success of any project, Go Live’s project management team consists of Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Project Coordinators.

Our team have attained industry-recognised credentials and memberships from the AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management), PRINCE2 (OGC), MSP (OGC) and PMI (Project Management Institute). This demonstrates our highly competent delivery skills.


Programme and Project Management is a key component for delivering successful outcomes, which is why Go Live uses best practice program and project management standards to deliver our solutions to customers. Our delivery capabilities are underpinned by:

GO LIVE Consultants